Prof. Rica Gonen

Discipline: Computer Science on the border of Economics

Expert in: Computational Game Theory, Computational Social Choice, AI

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Key words: Combinatorial Auctions, Multi-Sided Markets, Advertising Markets, Land Fair Division, Truthful Mechanisms,  

What are you currently researching?
I work on diverse set of problems which all intersect mechanism design. I work on general multi-sided market design, alternative advertising platforms, fair division of land, deep learning and games, recommender systems, election manipulation, ride-sharing problems, and renewable energy markets.     

How did you become involved in your research field?
I participated in the first course (in the world, I believe) that taught the connection between economics and computer science and loved the topic from the first class.        

What inspired you to become a researcher?
Finding solutions and developing new concepts that allow for better understanding of todays' social and economic challenges and that make human society more cooperative, honest, and fair-minded.   

Which of your research findings would you like to highlight?
I extended two-sided market trade reduction (a known result from the 1990s) to multi-sided markets with high implications for practical and general supply chains.

How does your research link to todays' challenges?
All of my research links to today’s social and economic challenges, from improving supply chains, to privacy-maintaining advertising systems, to election manipulation, ride-sharing in automated cars, renewable energy markets, and so forth.
What excites you regarding your research field?
The same things that inspire my research also excite me about my research field. A field that motivates better understanding of todays' social and economic challenges and motivates better social cooperation and behavior.