Dr. Eyal Lahav

Discipline: Behavioral Economics

Expert in: Behavioral economics; time preferences; risk preferences

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Key words: Subjective discount rate; time preferences; risk preferences; time preferences; behavioral economics 

What are you currently researching?
I am currently studying the economic and behavioral influences on COVID-19 vaccination. This is a joint project including researchers from Israel and Japan. In addition, I am working on a project on decision-making regarding Robo-advisory services.       

How did you become involved in your research field?
I took a seminar in behavioral economics as part of my MBA. That is when I knew that I had found my research direction.      

What inspired you to become a researcher?
I am an economist, and I always felt that my field needs to focus more on the psychology that influences people’s decisions. At the beginning, my focus was mainly on why people are biased when in comes to saving.   

Which of your research findings would you like to highlight?
In a recent study, we found that level of faith is correlated, in a non-linear way, with willingness to buy a COVID-19 vaccine. This was before vaccines were developed. We found the same non-linear (actually, U shaped) relationship in Israel, for Jewish people, and in Japan, for the non-religious and for Buddhists.

How does your research link to todays' challenges?
My current research examines the economic and behavioral influences on vaccination for COVID-19 , which is one of the main challenges the world is currently dealing with. In addition, I have started a project which looks at saving and investing via a Rob-advisory service. This is a low-cost solution that may help young people manage their savings more efficiently.
What excites you regarding your research field?
I love the process of designing a new experiment, and then exploring the data we gather. The findings, which mostly explore people’s emotions regarding decisions and behavior, often amaze me.