Dr. Tal Moran

Discipline: Social Psychology

Expert in: Automatic/implicit social cognition

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Key words:  Attitudes, stereotypes, implicit evaluation, evaluative conditioning,  

What are you currently researching?
My current research investigates what types of information influence the formation and updating of automatic (implicit) attitudes and stereotypes.       

How did you become involved in your research field?
I was fascinated by the idea that people have attitudes and stereotypes that influence their behaviors and that can be activated without conscious intent or awareness. I wanted to learn how one can change these implicit attitudes and stereotypes.   

What inspired you to become a researcher?
One of the obstacles for a prosocial, peaceful society is people’s implicit prejudice against outgroups and minorities. I want to add knowledge that will help fight this implicit prejudice in our society.   

Which of your research findings would you like to highlight?
Early theories proposed that automatic stereotypes and attitudes are not easily updated. My research demonstrated that this assumption is not correct, suggesting that these theories need to be updated.

How does your research link to the challenges of today?
Unfortunately, prejudice is still one of the challenges of today. My research contributes to the understanding of how automatic prejudice is formed and changed.
What excites you regarding your research field?
The opportunity to learn about the mechanism of a phenomenon that many people suffer from and the potential of helping to develop effective interventions to fight it.