Students (The Open University of Israel)


  1. Gilad Liberman.
    Connectivity Augmentation Problems. [pdf]

  2. Israel Beniaminy.
    Approximation Algorithms for Generalized Assignment Problems. [pdf]

  3. Elena Tsanko.
    Approximating Minimum Power Network Design Problems. [pdf]

  4. Yuval Lando.
    On Minimum Power Connectivity Problems. [pdf]

  5. Moran Feldman.
    Approximating Minimum Cost Directed Steiner Forests. [pdf]

  6. Amir Sadeh.
    Distributed primal-dual approximation algorithms for network design problems. [pdf]

  7. Yael Maduel.
    Covering a laminar family by leaf to leaf links. [pdf]

  8. Johnny David.
    Approximating survivable networks with beta-quasi-metric costs. [pdf]

  9. Elazar Leibovitch.
    Approximating graph density problems. [pdf]

Current M.SC. Students

  1. Ariel Yaroshevitch

  2. Rani Iszak

  3. Hanna Feldman

  4. Nachshon Cohen

Topics for Research Seminar 22952, 2009A

It is possible to choose only 1 or 2 papers from each topic.
The students are welcome to suggest topics of their own.
  1. Divide and Conquer in Approxinmation Algorithms (taken). [zip]

  2. Densest Subgraphs. [zip]

  3. Allocation and Assignment Problems. [zip]

  4. Directed Degree Constrained Problems. [zip]

  5. Undirected Degree Constrained Problems. [zip]

  6. Minimum Cuts in Almost Linear Time. [zip]

  7. Gomory-Hu Cut Trees and Extreme Sets. [zip]

  8. Submodular Cover. [zip]

  9. The Recursive Greedy Method. [zip]