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Research Projects

The DHSS Hub collaborates with faculty members of the Open University from a variety of fields, such as Hebrew literature, Judaic Studies, Sociology, Political Science, History and others. Together with the researchers, we design a research plan that includes creating datasets, cleaning and analyzing the data, as well as developing special computational tools to answer the specific aims of a project.     
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Whether you merely have an idea for a project, planning to submit for academic funding and incorporate digital analysis, or at an advanced stage of your research in the field, you are welcomed to contact us and receive consultation, both in developing the project and finding the right tools for it. 
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Academic Programs

Currently we offer a minor program in Digital Humanities on the B.A level. In the future, we plan to expand this program as well as to open advanced programs for M.A students.
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Throughout the year we host a variety of events, from a monthly seminar on research in the field, workshops focusing on specific tools, bi-annual art exhibitions incorporating advanced technologies and more.
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Summer School

Each summer, the DHSS Hub brings together students and faculty members for several days of intensive workshops and lectures by leading researchers. Students and faculty members from various universities participate in the Summer School. Together we create a community of scholars and advance interdisciplinary collaborations.
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Annual International Conference

The DHSS Hub will host an International Conference every year, inviting scholars from around the world to participate and share their research. In 2024, our first International Conference will take place. A Call for Papers is to be released in the near future.
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Post-Doctoral Position

Each year we grant a Post-Doctoral Fellowship for an accomplished researcher in the field of Digital Humanities and Social Sciences.