Admissions and Tuition

Open Admission Policy
In accordance with its mission of making higher education accessible to everyone, prospective students who feel they have what it takes to succeed in academic studies may enroll at the OUI and prove themselves through actual coursework. No prior scholastic records or achievement tests of any kind are required for admission. It is strongly recommended that students consult with one of our advisers before registering in order to plan an appropriate study program.
Admission Policy for High School Students
High school students must undergo an admissions screening process  to ensure that they have the skills and maturity to cope successfully with the OUI's challenging academic coursework. 
Admission Policy for Master's Degree Programs
A bachelor's degree with a minimum grade average in undergraduate studies is required in order to enroll in a master's degree program at the OUI.
For registration information and forms (in Hebrew):
OUI tuition rates are identical to the tuition rates set by the government for all public colleges and universities in Israel. Due to the flexible curriculum at the OUI, students are charged on a per course basis, rather than per annum, as practiced at other Israeli universities. OUI tuition rates are adjusted so that the total tuition charged for the full degree program is equal to the tuition for degree programs in all universities.