Fall 2011

In Celebration: 30,000 Graduates


On a pleasant spring evening on the Ra'anana campus, the Open University paid tribute to its 30,000 graduates. A diverse group, the University's graduates can be found in corporate boardrooms, on university faculties, as entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers, government officials, engineers and scientists, doctors... Meet some of them.

"The Open University has traveled far. In 1982, the first 42 graduates were granted degrees -- and since then, the University has granted degrees to more than 30,000 graduates," were the opening words of Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron's, President of the Open University, in celebration of the University's three decades of 30,000 graduates.

"This celebration represents," she continued, "a variety of reasons that brought each one to choose the Open University: absence of matriculation exams, work obligations, learning challenges, military service, 'behavioral issues', a decision late in life to continue studies, and health problems."

And just as the sectors represented among the study body and reasons for studying at the Open University vary, so do the achievements. "A problematic high school student became a respected Professor, a young boy who grew up in a difficult neighborhood heads up a Community Center and is a model for neighborhood youth, a tour guide fulfills his dream and becomes a brain researcher, and an outstanding student now heads up a global company with business activities on several continents."

Dr. Amnon Shreibman
That's the profile of the Open University. And, here are some of the individual stories that make up the Open University.

Dr. Amnon Shreibman, Open University Graduate #2. An engineer, Dr. Shreibman was a teacher when he began taking courses at the Open University in 1976. He had not heard about the Open University until he saw a small advertisement in a local newspaper: "Registration Beginning for Courses to be Given by the Open University". Five years later, he graduated. And, thirty-five years later, Dr. Shreibman continues to receive mail (now, electronically) from the Open University and not about his courses, but rather from the Friends of the Open University and the Alumni Association.

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