Fall 2011

Cyber-Bullying: A Virtual Plague in the Lonely World of the Ex-Communicated

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Next Steps

This project, as both researchers agreed, "has grown larger than what we originally expected. Now that there is true legitimacy to discuss the subject, it has a label, and it can be mapped out, it is coming out of the woodworks."

In the upcoming stages of the research, Dr. Tali Heiman and Dr. Dorit Olenick-Shemesh will also be exploring:
  • different population groups. Several of Dr. Heiman and Dr. Olenick-Shemesh's students have initiated research studies.
  • elementary schools, where children as young as seven or eight years old have Facebook pages.
  • who are the bystanders? Heiman and Olenick-Shemesh are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of this group.
  • who are 'at risk' kids? What factors can be built in to protect them.
Israel's results are similar to Europe's, but one of the key differences is that Israel has not yet designed a cyber-bullying intervention program. Without one, this "phenomenon will only continue to grow," according to Dr. Tali Heiman and Dr. Dorit Olenick-Shemesh.

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