Fall 2012

In Celebration: 30,000 Graduates

A diverse group, Open University's graduates can be found in corporate boardrooms, on university faculties, as entrepreneurs, teachers, social workers, government officials, scientists, engineers, doctors. The Open University recently paid tribute to its 30,000 graduates. Meet some of them...
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Open University's graduates


Maximizing Potential at the Open University

An Exclusive Interview with
Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron,
President of the University

Two subjects are close to the heart of Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron. One is the Open University, where Prof. Messer-Yaron commences her fourth year as President. Two is STEM: an acronym for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Seemingly different, Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron seamlessly weaves them together to shake up society.
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Prof. Hagit Messer-Yaron

Cyber-Bullying/newsletter-eng/: A Virtual Plague in the Lonely World of the Ex-Communicated

Cyber-Bullying 1 out of every 2 youngsters is either a cyber-bully perpetrator, victim or by-stander. These are the preliminary results of a research...
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Novel Methods for Genetic Testing
Can Help Eliminate Genetic Mutations

Novel Methods for Genetic Testing Thanks to Dr. Noam Shental's novel research for screening in large population groups, accurate, economical genetic testing for everyone is closer...
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Molecular Biologist Isolates the TOR Gene in Cells to Find New Cures for Cancer

Dr. Ronit Weisman Dr. Ronit Weisman has isolated the TOR gene, a "master controller" of cell growth. She is now on the way to finding more effective treatments for specific types of cancer.
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Virtual Learning: Lectures that Don't Evaporate When the Lecturer Finishes

Virtual Learning Surveying 17,828 students and lecturers, the Ofek Project presented novel ways for instructors to take full advantage of innovative technological advancements.
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Mobile Applications that Virtually Put the OU in Your Pocket

Mobile Apps The Open University: Israel's first academic institution to enable its student body to connect to the University via their Androids and IPhones.
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Tablets In? Kindles Out?

Tablets In? Kindles Out? The Open University's New Pilot Project
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Forced Labor During the Holocaust: Was There an Economic Purpose Behind It?

Jewish Doctors Dr. Idit Gil did not initially set out to research forced Jewish labor. But, when her father, an Auschwitz survivor, asked her to find out what happened to his older brother during the Holocaust, she began to uncover a wealth of information on a subject that, until now, had been barely analyzed.
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Research Day: 26 Research Topics

Research Day This year's Research Day introduced a new format: Ted Talks. Seven lectures, seven minutes apiece, given by seven lecturers. The focus: "All About Behavior." The results: informative and engaging.
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Entrepreneur's Club Goes International

Open University's first international branch of the Entrepreneur's Club opens in Silicon Valley. Open University's first international branch of the Entrepreneur's Club opens in Silicon Valley.
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Moscow in Ra'anana

Prof. Vitaly Minashkin, Dr. Irina Smirnova "The Open University surpassed all of our expectations" said Prof. Vitaly Minashkin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Russia's largest distanced educator.
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Open University Foundation: New York Gala

Open University Foundation Open University Foundation honored Commonwealth Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Ronnie Heyman and David Witt in a New York gala event.
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Genocide Conference

"In spite of our progress in the fields of psychiatry and pharmacology...we really don't know why people commit mass murder..."
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Google @ 6th Chais Conference

Google @ 6th Chais Conference Mr. Santiago de la Mora, Director of Print Content Partnerships for Google in Europe, Middle East and Africa gave the keynote speech at Open University's Chais Conference
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