The Open Media and Information Lab (OMILab) at the Open University of Israel is an interdisciplinary center for research and for teaching in new media and related areas, such as big data, information science, network cultures and digital sociology.  In line with the Open University of Israel's mission, one of the OMILab’s key goals is to bridge digital gaps between different population groups. OMILab aims to cultivate basic digital research literacy among students whoever and wherever they may be, regardless of habitus or social-cultural background.
Beyond its major contribution to teaching, OMILab advances academic research projects at the national and international level. As is indicated in its name, one of the key goals of the lab is to develop computational social sciences methods, open research tools and open educational resources based on these research tools that can be shared with the public-at-large as well as with the research community.  The lab's projects are conducted under the leadership of senior faculty members of the Open University of Israel.
Upcoming Conference
 The "Web Archiving: Best Practices for Digital Cultural Heritage" international conference is organized by The National Library of Israel and the Open Media and Information Lab (OMILab) at the Open University of Israel. The conference is open to the general public and will be held in English. The conference is accompanied by an interactive exhibition, curated by OMILab research team, which summarizes milestones from 20 years of the Israeli web, using snapshots from the Internet Archive. The virtual exhibition Time Travel: 20 Years of Israeli Internet (Hebrew) is available here.
ספרים סופרים ומה שביניהם – תכנית ראיונות ברדיו קס"ם 106אפאם / יום רביעי ה- 11 באפריל 2018
איך משמרים את התרבות הדיגיטאלית? כנס אירכוב האינטרנט הראשון בישראל יתקיים בסוף החודש בספרייה הלאומית ושוחחנו על כך עם חוקרת האינטרנט ד"ר ענת בן דוד