The ONLP lab the Open University of Israel is an interdisciplinary center for research and for teaching in natural language processing and related areas, such as computational linguistics, machine learning and artifical inteligence. Our research interests include, but are not limited to: statistical parsing, broadly interpreted to include morphological, syntactic and semantic parsing,  discourse analysis, natural language generation, natural language programming, and mining social medial. We are specifically interested in researching and developing models for Morphologically rich languages (MRLs), such as the Semitic Languages Hebrew, Arabic, and more. The ONLP lab advances academic research projects at the national and international level, and it is funded by research grants from the European Research Council (ERC), the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) and the Open University Research Authority.
We are constantly seeking briliant and promising MSc, PhD and Postdoc candidates to join our lab. If you wish to learn more on the opportunities do not hesitate to get in touch.