Summer 2012
Dr. Milly Perry was selected to be a member of the Institutional Human Resources Strategy Group of the European Commission. The Group's mission is to support the Charter & Code principles by employers and funders of researchers in Europe. Dr. Perry was also recently appointed to head the Academic Development Unit of the Open University. The Unit is responsible for all aspects of writing, monitoring and producing academic courses and programs of study, editing the study materials, coordinating with the Open University publishing house and dealing with copyright and permissions.
Prof. Yoav Yair, Dean Development and Learning Technologies of the Open University, has just "closed a cycle after nine years" with the first-time ever color photographs of sprites received from Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa, who aws a member of Expedition 28/29 onto the International Space Station in summer 2011. Tens of kilometers above thunderstorm clouds briefly exist luminous reddish-orange flashes that light up the upper atmosphere. Discovered only 23 years ago (1989), serendipitously, these fluorescent-like lights are known as sprites, For Prof. Yair, sprites have been part of his life since he first collaborated with Ilan Ramon and other scientist-astronauts on the Columbia Space Shuttle in 2003. The most recent photographs were made with an advanced sopohisticated HDTV camera, and are now undergoing analysis by Prof. Yair and a team of researchers, among them his students.
On October 18, 1973, a young soldier took a direct hit to his head from a rocket attack in the Sinai. He was transported to a hospital, where he had no memory and no ability to function. Thirty seven years later, Prof. Yoram Eshet-Alkalai published the story of his personal journey, from brain injured soldier to Director of the Open University's Research Center for Innovation in Learning Technologies. His story, which is retold in his new book, "Man Comes Home", is not only moving. It is enlightening, breathtaking, heart-rending and simply inspirational. Prof. Eshet-Alkalai's book was also the recipient of the prestigious Yitzhak Sadeh Award for documentary books.
Aviel Atias, 19 years old, was awarded the silver medal from the International Youth Olympics Competition in Computer Science. He recently graduated summa cum laude in Computer Science, and for the third consecutive year made it to the President's Honor Roll.
Laurence Berry, a graduate student in Democracy Studies at the Open University, won First Prize for Excellence from the Israel Sociological Society for her Master's thesis: "Sources of Solidarity in the Later Modern Era." Prof. Motti Regev and Prof.Chaim Chazan were her advisors.
Head of Shoham Center, Edna Tal, recently returned to Open University from the New Media Consortium Conference in Cambridge, Boston. The New Media Consortium is an international community of experts in educational learning technology. The panels of judges granted Shoham's Open Digital Books Project with an award for excellence.
For the second consecutive year, Open University was recognized by SuperBrands Israel as an outstanding brand in the area of "services."
Prof. Judith Gal-Ezer, (who appears on the left in the photo), Vice President for Academic Affairs, represented the Open University of Israel at the "Beyond the Glass Ceiling", a conference for Women Rectors Across Europe, that was recently held in Istanbul. Prof. Gal-Ezer had an opportunity to meet with her female colleagues serving as University Presidents, Rectors and Vice-Presidents from countries in Europe and China.