fall 2013

New Chancellor: From the Supreme Court to the Open University

dorit beinisch The Open University of Israel's Council appointed President of the Israeli Supreme Court (ret.) Dorit Beinisch as the new Chancellor of the Open University. Supreme Court Chief Justice (ret.) Dorit Beinisch recently assumed the positions of Chancellor and Chair of the Council, following the retirement of Lord Woolf.
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A New President for the Open University

Yakov (Kobi) Metzer Jacob (Kobi) Metzer, Professor (Emeritus) of Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was appointed to serve as the eighth President of the Open University of Israel, replacing Professor Hagit Messer-Yaron, who will be assuming the position of Deputy Chair of the Council for Higher Education.
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A Celebration: Lord Woolf's 80th Birthday

lord woolf "It is an honour to be paying tribute to you on your 80th birthday and much more so to follow in your footsteps as the Chancellor of the Open University of Israel, the role you have so ably filled for eight years, with distinction, insight and talent… I have always had the greatest admiration for your singular qualities, among them, your special caring for the individual, for social advancement and assistance to those who were lacking, and the efforts you devoted to addressing these needs."
Dorit Beinisch, President of the Supreme Court of Israel (ret) Chancellor, The Open University of Israel
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A Fighter Pilot and Researcher of Nanometre Threads

A Fighter Pilot and Researcher of Nanometer Threads

D., a reservist fighter pilot, is doing his doctorate at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His brother is doing his post-doctorate at Berkley, and his sister her post-doctorate at Harvard. Besides their family name, the other thing that they all have in common is that they all studied at the Open University of Israel.
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Amit Avner

27 Years Old and Co-Founder of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

Open University of Israel graduate, Amit Avner founded Taykey, a multi-million dollar operation. He founded his first company, when he was 15. Today, at the 'ripe old age of 27' Amit is the only Israeli to make it to the prestigious 2013 Under 30 CEO of Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs USA list.
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Graduation Ceremonies

The Open University of Israel congratulates its more than 3,800 students who received degrees during the 2013 academic year.

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OUI NOW MOOCS MOOCs is the hottest trend in higher education across the globe. And, now the Open University...
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Digital MBA

Digital MBA Digitalization has taken a major leap forward at the Open University'. The Shoham Center has recently digitalized 150 books in 38 courses for 7,000 students, including texts for the University's entire MBA track.
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Once App on a Time

Once App on a Time Dr. Tal Hassner, of the Department of Computer Sciences, an expert on computer vision, is always thinking about new ways to apply computer vision to a wide berth of areas. Dr. Hassner took some time out recently to 'have a bit of fun' and within three weeks produced a new application which took first place in a Tel Aviv competition. Now he has his eyes set on Sao Paulo.
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The Eighth Chais Conference

Learning and Gaming Together in the Classroom: Possible? The Eighth Chais Conference "When it comes to technology, most people overestimate it in the short term and underestimate it in the long term."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke,
science fiction author, inventor and futurist,
and most famous for his science fiction novel,
2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Caregivers, Caregiving and Emotional Intelligence

Caregivers, Caregiving and Emotional Intelligence
Arsgera / Shutterstock.com
For years, Dr. Dafna Hadar-Pecker has been researching emotional intelligence (EI) often over-stated and misunderstood. Her research has led to a new perception of the role EI plays in the case of caregivers who work with trauma patients. Her research has also led to a new course on Emotional Intelligence at Open University, putting OUI in the forefront of EI academic studies in Israel.
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Exodus: The Real Story

Erase just about whatever you remember from the Leon Uris book, "Exodus" and the eponymous movie made by Otto Preminger with handsome Paul Newman as the hero. Just about none of it is true. Historian and Prof. Aviva Halamish of Open UnivExodus: The Real Storyersity of Israel's Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic Studies was on hand to explain the actual facts -- no less thrilling than the novel or movie -- all based on her in-depth research.
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Project 100: A Program for Arab Minoritiess

Project 100 A high priority on Israel's agenda is the integration of Arab high school graduates in higher education. However, with a plethora of academic and lingual obstacles facing Arab students, is this priority within our reach? The Open University of Israel thinks so.
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Enriching Immams

Enriching Immams The Open University of Israel's division for the Advancement of Educators launched a new program this year to enrich leadership skills among religious Moslem Immam educators.
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Making the University Accessible to Everyone: Practical Solutions for Students with Disabilities

Making the University Accessible to Everyone
auremar / Shutterstock.com
From smart boards to smart pens; from enlarged screen text to mobile acoustical equipment; from specially-designed furniture to specially-equipped classrooms; the Open University of Israel customizes its facilities and technologies to meet the needs of 650 special needs students with disabilities.
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A Taste of Academia: Coffee, Beer and Professors

In cafes, bars, restaurants and clubhouses throughout Ra'anana hundreds of residents sat back and relaxed while listening to Open University of Israel's faculty speak about spiders and Spiderman, bacteria, lasers, influential wives of Prime Ministers, Arab-Jewish relations and humous, information overload, aliens…and the list goes on. OUI changed the venue, but not the quality or extent of information.
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OUI Students Argue Best

Debating is a time-honored skill. Our sages debated the intricacies of law...
In more modern times, debating club members have made their way to the upper echelons of world leadership among them: Tony Blair, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Bibi Netanyahu. So, when OUI students take first place in the national debating competitions...
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Inauguration of Academia in High School

The youth participating in the Open University of Israel's "Academia in High School" Program from all over the country spent a good deal of time learning more about university life and resources. They visited the logistics center (where textbooks and study materials are dispatched to students) the studios (where courses are broadcast to students all over Israel and across the globe) and the book store. They also heard lectures from the University's academic faculty in the auditorium.
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American Friends of Open University Gala

Photography by
Ellen Dubin Photography.
Galia Maor, former CEO and President of the Bank Leumi Group and a member of the Open University of Israel's Board of Governors, was the Guest Speaker at American Friends of the Open University of Israel's Gala Event. Galia Maor shared her vision of education, the role of the OUI, and its contribution to Israel's future.
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